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tv   First Look  MSNBC  August 19, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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good monday morning. right now on "first look" -- western wildfires are threatening numerous communities in a number of states as red-flag conditions persist. president obama returns to washington with a full agenda including the crisis in egypt. premeditated murder. did the blade runner plan to kill his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. the most expensive road car ever sold at auction. very good morning. nice to see you. we begin with developing news out of south africa, a premeditated murder indictment handed out to oscar pistorius. prosecutors say that he shot his
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model girlfriend reeva steenkamp with the intent to kill. we're live in pretoria, south africa. what happened inside the courtroom? >> veronica, the hearing was down in 15 minutes. this was just a formality, just to set the date of the trial. which is march 3rd 2014. he didn't read the charges as expected. after the hearing was over, we spoke to a state prosecutor that confirmed to us that the charges are still premeditated murder, they believe that pistorius that reeva was in that bathroom when he fired those shots. most interesting on the indictment some of the state witnesses heard a woman scream, followed by gun shots, and then
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the woman screaming. veronica? >> claudio, thank you. more bloodshed in egypt, as more promorsi supporters are killed. the new york times reports that the obama administration is taking preliminary steps to withhold aid to egypt. >> with the recent violent crackdown i don't see how we can continue aid. >> the act of the last few days is completely uncon shenable. i believe we have to change our aid. >> change our relationship with the military. >> joining us live now from cairo is yussef, what is the latest. >> reporter: another attack in the border town of rafa.
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in the northern town of the sinai peninsula. nbc news has learned that 28 conscripts from the police were on their way in two mini buses to the town, they were ambushed by armed gunmen. they were ordered down and then machine gun fire were opened. 25 we understand have been killed and three are in critical condition. that is likely to fuel the fire that has come between the two parties. u.s. assistance to egypt is going -- some more discussion over the next few days. senior officials tells nbc news that further assistance in the next few weeks. the decision could have to come before september. before the new fiscal year. and they're making it clear that all aid is under review. veronica.
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>> yousef with the latest out of egypt. egypt will be at the top of president obama's agenda as he returns to work. he landed in washington last night after a vacation. but it's not the only item on his list. >> reporter: good morning. the president with two major assignments. two big assignments for this week, first of all, what to do with u.s. aid to egypt and revelations of more abuses at the nsa. top lawmakers on both sides really talking a lot about egypt, debating aid as these bloody clashes continue. though the president obama took a break from his vacation to condemn the attacks. now, another big topic in washington the nsa surveillance program, many still critical
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over its legitimacy after this newly revealed audit showing that the agency broke privacy rules thousands of times a year. veronica? >> all right, melissa, thank you so much. thousands of firefighters began a difficult day out west. idaho's beaver creek has now scorched more than 160 square miles. officials are expressing optimism as more crews arrive to fight the flames. >> it's hard to see our landscape changing. >> we need an army out there and we got it. i know they're doing all they can do. >> reporter: some 90 fire engines are on the ground to protect homes and businesses. it's said to be just 9% contained.
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the first settlement is reached in the penn state jerry sandusky scandal. they signed the first settlement with victim number 5. penn state has author sized some $60 million for the settlements. a jury convicted sandusky last year of 45 counts of child sexual abuse. now, here's your "first look" at this morning's dish of scrambled politics. republican senator john mccain not happy that president obama hasn't acted yet to cut aid to egypt. >> for us to sit by and watch this happen is a violation of everything that we stood for and when we threaten something as we did that we cut off aid, as the administration did and not do it then you lose your credibility and your influence.
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in other news the planned mini series of hillary clinton will not be produced by fox news they have withdrawn. scott brown said that he reveal his intentions for the massachusetts governor race in a week to ten days. and greg abbott is facing criticism for a tweet. greg abbott would absolutely demolish idiot in wendy davis texas in governor race. run wendy run. the recall effort against san diego mayor bob filner is under way. they're gathering signatures to oust the mayor. actress susan sarandon
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hosted a fund-raiser at her ping-pong club in new york. president george w. bush took a whopping 50 trips to his texas ranch, totalling 323 days in the same time period. that's going to do it for your morning dish scrambled politics. here's nbc meteorologist bill karins. how many vacation days for you? >> 43 if i'm lucky. let's talk about what's going on out there with the weather. over the weekend, got drenched in the southeast. the big story, all of the pictures of that devastating fire in idaho, that's where it's located there, just north of the fairfield area. idaho has definitely been one of the bull's eye points.
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yesterday, it was 97 in boise. 90 in billings. 98 in denver. lot of the heat that's in the west is now going to head east, after another cool weekend. it looks like temperatures are going to soar this weekend. back where they should be. the exception this week will be the southeast, still kind of rainy, and it's been rainy for a while. as far as the forecast, we're going to call for two to three inches of rain there. erin dissipated over the weekend. your forecast for monday, carry your umbrellas from d.c. all of the way down to the southeast. new york city, a chance of hitting 09 degrees this week. first time in a month that we have hit the 90s. sort of an unusual summer. >> it's been cool for sure. facebook founder mark zuckerberg's home page is hacked. scotland yard looking at new
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welcome back. some stories making news over the weekend. british police are looking into new information of the 1997 death of princess diana and dodi al fayed. illinois governor signed a new bill into law. new york police commissioner ray kelly was on meet the press sunday to talk about the stop and frisk policy. will people die without stop and frisk? >> no question about it, violent crime will go up. this is something that's integral to police. this happens throughout america and any police jurisdiction, you
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have to do it, officers have to have the right of inquiry if they see some suspicious behavior. >> sybrina fulton also appeared on meet the press and was critical of stop and frisk. >> the right to stop somebody just because the color of their screen. glenn greenwald's partner was detained by uk authorities. he was stopped at heathrow airport for nine hours under the uk terrorism act. scientists are hoping the domestic legislation of a building will provide them with new information on earthquakes. and now, for a look at business, we turn to cnbc's
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courtney regan. >> good morning to you. futures pointing to a lower open. the dow slips 30 points. s&p 500 fell 65. there's no economic data today. but investors are waiting for the release of fed minutes which come out wednesday. google crashed late friday night. the search engine was out for five minutes. during that time, internet traffic fell 40%. according to new york times, sotheby's will be auctioning a rare blue diamond. it weighs 7.9 carats and about the size of a shirt button. it's expected to sell for $19 million. veronica, back to you. >> thanks, courtney. ox, you're looking at the most expensive road car on the
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note. ever sold at auction. an extremely rare 1967 ferrari. one the only ten ever built and it was sold at auction over the weekend for get this, $27.5 million. hefty price tag. even facebook's mark zuckerberg is vulnerable. a hacker got on zuckerberg's face. book page. "first look" continues. ] this is command center. [ man ] ...3, 2, 1. [ command center ] all systems go. [ female announcer ] introducing swiffer steamboost powered by bissell. steam-activated cleaning pads penetrate deep. [ command center ] we have lift off. [ female announcer ] don't just clean your floor. boost it.
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too small.
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too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection. in sports, my colleague richard lui. good morning to you, richard. >> good morning to you, veronica. nothing like for sunday football except if you're the giants last night. this is one of the colts' quarterback andrew luck. the touchdown. colts don't look back, by the way, after the half, 20-0. they love to hate a-rod. jeering him. then cheering when they got him right in the ribs. the ump s warned him. the benches empty.
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what happens. girardi gets the boot. some good news for detroit, the tigers win 3 out of 5 from kansas city with their 6-3 win yesterday. detroit pitcher matt scherzer now the season's first 18-game winner. screenerena williams in a r loss. victoria azarenka rallying to win a three-set squeaker. rafael nadal not phased by weather. johnny isner serves. he overcame a knee injury early, now nadal is an u.s. open favorite. patrick reid gets his first-ever pga tour victory. what does he do? why not? kiss the caddie. right? it's also his wife by the way. nascar sprint cup michigan 400. joey logano led the most laps
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but not at the end. he passes mark martin who was trying to stretch gas without a pit stop. didn't work. logano gets the win there because he ran out of gas, not loga logano, but martin did. anything that floats reget that in key largo. boats may only be made of household the items. they're using bubble wrap, plastic coffee jugs. the winners said they found help for their design online. that's the winner right there. >> something else now to use your bubble wrap for. >> exactly. >> okay, all right, thanks richard time to dig a little deeper into some of our top politics stories. joining me by phone is david
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knack mu nakamura. >> we issued a statement that the u.s. would halt joint military exercises. what are you making of the president's strategy thus far? >> i think that the president's concerned a tough line on one hand and not going too far on cutting military aid. that's the big question whether the administration will eventually call this a coup. the administration has been concerned about doing that. they think they could cause further unrest. that's the challenge right now. they're hoping some of the changes last week will make a difference. they'll have to wait and see. let's switch gears here. rand paul versus chris christi, the gop candidates. potential candidates for 2016. what can you tell about each,
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david, and what the takeaon the state of the republican party? >> christie has his own re-election to deal with. and then dealing with 2016. he's now going to endorse the republican candidate for governor for senate, cory booker which some people didn't think he would do. rand paul, chris christie has been critical of folks who are libertari libertarians. is there room for both in the republican party? that's what they're arguing about. that's the question going forward, if he'll tread both sides. >> david nakamura with the washington post, thank you. coming up, bill karins and richard lui are here with "first
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all right. time now for "first buzz" with two favorite people. richard lui and bill karins. go ahead and start. >> this guy's my favorite for the today. this kid at ball state university, amazing shot from the half-court, as he was selected and he hits it. >> what does he win? >> he wins $11,000 that's the
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out of state tuition for one semester. >> i have to start teaching hartley how to do that. >> half-court shots that would be worth it. >> a poll came out this weekend. what percentage of teachers are spending up to $400 on their own classrooms? >> 80%. >> at least. >> right around 30% to 50% spend up to $400. 13% spend $600 out of their own pocket. finally agraffiti artist on huntington beach gets busted because he liked his own photo. the police station put up a photo asking for public assistance. he started bragging about it on facebook and he gets busted. why would you do that? >> we all love dumb crimes
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stories. >> this is "first look" on msnbc. stay tuned. because "way too early" starts right now. ♪ for us to sit by and watch this happen, thiss a violation of everything that we stood for and when we threaten something as we did that we could cut off aid, as the administration did, and then not do it, then you lose your credibility and influence. >> heightening the rhetoric on egypt. american politicians talked tough while more deaths are reported and a key ally gets less stable by the day. we'll have a live report zblrjts meanwhile in idaho, wildfires destroy miles and miles of countryside with thousands of homes potentially threatened. i guess you shouldn't threaten a-rod. major, major drama in boston. a-rod. wild pitches. empty dugouts and a major comeback.


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